Monday, 23 January 2012


How many paltry foolish painted things,
That now in coaches trouble every street,
Shall be forgotten, whom no poet sings,
Ere they be well wrapped in their winding-sheet!
Where I to thee eternity shall give,
When nothing else remaineth of these days,
And queens hereafter shall be glad to live
Upon the alms of thy superfluous praise.
Virgins and matrons, reading these my rhymes,
Shall be so much delighted with thy story
That they shall grieve they lived not in these times,
To have seen thee, their sex's only glory:
So shalt thou fly above the vulgar throng,
Still to survive in my immortal song.

Michael Drayton's birthplace in Hartshill,
Michael Drayton

Tomorrow our poetry group meets and the subject is 'Sonnets'.
Michael Drayton is one of my favourite Elizabethan poets.


  1. I concur. May you revel in fine sonnets at tomorrow's poetry group.

  2. The vulgar throng...now there is a visual. ~Mary

  3. Oh,

    I like poetry, i dont know why. Sometimes I think one must be a mathematician to really appreciate good poetry. But I have trouble believing that one is always equal to one so i can never learn formulas and be confident enough to be a mathematician.

    I have no idea how blogs work. How to follow people. I sometimes find a blog that I like and then usually I check out that persons friends because I think that the friends will have a like mind. This is how I came upon your blog. Mia begot eboston or some such name and eboston begat someone else and lo, i bumped into your blog and found your story-very good about the Nigerians so I read all of that but had to wait because the last part was late. So while waiting i read other parts of your blog and followed and read some of your friends.

    I write in my blog because when I write I read and research each item a bit more in depth. I am always afraid that I will simply read the headnotes and not bother to understand the story so i write it up. I have just recently figured out how to add pictures and even once a video so I include them and try to link them to the story for impact.

    I am afraid that no one reads my blog but that is ok too. I have my own world that i follow and I still have not figured out how to attract readers anyway because that would take reading up on how to do this and it is all incredibly complicated and boring. I worry that I am wasting my time and at my age, i worry about that a lot. I am 58 and 11 months or so so I fear that a lot.

    You visited my site and I am impressed that I actually had someone visit. what a thrill. Thanks.



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