Monday, 18 July 2011


(broadcast from Voyager-II to the universe)

First, the most popular sound:
we call it talking - it s also known fondly as
shooting one's mouth off, discussing,
chewing the fat, yammering, blabbing,
conversing, confiding, debating, blabbing,
gossiping, hollering, and yakking.
So, here's a whole bunch of jaw creakers.
How come none of you guys out there
don't yap at us - we'd sure like to hear
what you have to say
on the subject of where the hell you are.

For our second selection,
we will now play a medley of music
which you may or may not care for
since as I know myself
music is a very personal thing.
Why not aim a little musical extravaganza earthward ?
As I say, we're waiting.

Now for our something-for-everyone finale.
Here's a rush hour traffic jam,
brakes are screeching - horns are blasting.
This is a phone ringing, a keyboard tapping,
and a printer whirring in the background.
I'm very partial to this next example of earth sounds:
a rocking chair creaking back and forth on a porch
accompanied by birds and crickets chirping.

To finish up, we've got a lawn mower,
knitting needles, a hammer, a saw,
a football stadium after a score,
a door shutting, a baby crying
and the ever-popular drone of television
blaring across the airways.

We're equal opportunity down here
so if you're a blob or have three heads
or look like something the cat dragged in -
we won't bat an eyelid.

Julie O'Callaghan