Tuesday, 13 August 2013


And we love life if we find a way to it.
We dance in between martyrs and raise a minaret for violet or palm trees.

We love life if we find a way to it.

And we steal from the silkworm a thread to build a sky and fence in this departure.
We open the garden gate for the jasmine to go out as a beautiful day on the streets.

We love life if we find a way to it.

And we plant, where we settle, some fast growing plants, and harvest the dead.
We play the flute like the colour of the faraway, sketch over the dirt corridor a neigh.
We write our names one stone at a time, O lightning make the night a bit clearer.

We love life if we find a way to it. . . . .

Mahmoud Darwish

translated from the Arabic by Fady Joudah


  1. And here is a bit of an irony. I hadn't heard of Mahmoud Darwish, even though he died here, in Houston, Texas.

    I do know al Birwa, his bulldozed village. I found this small reference:

    In 1949, al Birwa was completely bulldozed and the Yas'ur kibbutz was established on the western side of the village lands.

    The uprooted from al Birwa, their children, and their grandchildren still believe that one day they will return to their original home in accordance with UN resolution 194, which upholds their right to return.

    Every year, as Israel celebrates its Independence Day the residents of al Birwa and their families return to the village, where the only things that remain are some trees and cemeteries. On that day, they sit by the graves and under the trees and tell the story of their village so it will be remembered.

    I have friends in Israel. I have met Palestinians, and heard their tales. I read the news. In such a context, poetry like this is nearly unbearable.

  2. Peace ...
    ... he has dreaming for all his people.”

    ... and he is not the only one..


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