Friday, 16 August 2013


With a green scarf I blindfolded 
the eyes of the trees
and asked them to catch me.

At once the trees caught me,
their leaves shaking with laughter.

I blindfolded the birds
with a scarf of clouds
and asked them to catch me.

The birds caught me
with a song.

Then with a smile I blindfolded
my sorrow
and the day after it caught me
with a love.

I blindfolded the sun
with my nights
and asked the sun to catch me.

I know where you are, the sun said,
just behind that time.
Don’t bother to hide any longer.

Don’t bother to hide any longer,
said all of them,
as well as all the feelings
I tried to blindfold.

Marin Sorescu

Translated from the Romanian by Michael Hamburger

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  1. What an arresting poem, I thought - and then I read his biography. Being arrested by poetry surely is better than being arrested by the regime. He walked a thin line, by all accounts.

    Thanks for introducing me to a poet I didn't know. I've missed stopping by. We'll see if I can get myself back into a rhythm.


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